Saving Olympic Wrestling

Wrestling is the oldest sport in the world and has been played for untold centuries.

It was also one of the original Olympic sports when the games were first done as mock-war games in Ancient Greece.

This year, there is a vote to remove the sport for good from the Olympics starting in 2020.

Lets try to stop history from being eradicated. 


All print ads will be guiding the user to a website to petition the International Olympic Commission.

Museum Installation

An exhibit will be placed in museums all over the world with two live wrestlers with powdered skin to make them look like statues.  

World Wide Unlit Torch Run

In order to generate media buzz about the plight of wrestling, an unlit torch will be run all over the world by wrestlers, athletes, and anyone who wants to get involved. 

The torch will be run from the site of the original games in Greece all the way around the world & end in Switzerland where the unlit torch will be presented to the International Olympic Commission.

The I.O.C. will then be asked if they will lit the torch and continue the world's oldest sport Olympic legacy.


A partnering website to the torch run will also be launched where users can track the torch, petition the International Olympic Commission, sign up to run the torch, or donate to the cause. 

The Torch

Copywriter: Taylor Schumaker

Art Director: Rob Reed