TD Ameritrade "Most Confident Fans"

NFL fan are always confident in their team, even if they’re slated to lose.  TD Ameritrade created a unique way to prove that some fans rise above all in confidence in their team. And they barely had to raise a finger. 

The “Most Confident Fans” was a competition for the 2016 NFL season. Using an algorithm that we created using IBM's Watson, fans were able to analysis’s their confidence where they’re already boasting: social media.

Users had their Facebook or Twitter analyzed for how confident they were and were placed on a leaderboard. At the end of the season, we sent the most confident fan to the Super Bowl.  

Not only that, but the algorithm we created was able to accurately predict the outcome of the big game.

I created this project and shepherded it from conception all the way to Cannes.

Shortlisted: Cannes 2016 Lions Innovation

Gold: FCS Awards

Finalist: Shorty's