People nowadays see hobbying as a very outdated thing.

While Hobbytown USA still needs to keep a focus on the classic hobbiest, they can shift gears and adapt to be the premier supplier in the new "Maker Movement" trend.

To begin their rebrand, the name was shortened to simply "Hobbytown".

 They would then expand their current offering to offer more technology like Arduino, Go Pro, 3D printing, and crowd sourced product designs.   


Website and Forums

The new website updates Hobbytown from from their current circa 2000 website and the addition of Hobbytown forums allows users to share their current projects and passions. 

Digital Circular


Hobbying is about being in the field and experimenting with what you love. The new Hobbytown app allows users to keep in touch with their current projects and get advice from other users even while they are out in the world testing their newest creation.

Creative Technologist: Fitz Maro

Art Director: Cory Bowels

Copywriter: Taylor Schumaker

Creative Brand Manager: Emily Kennedy

Creative Strategist: Juan Romero